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M.P.M.C. is an event planning for automotive lifestyle events.

We specialize in automotive entertainment by hosting 3 main shows per year, Hangar Hangover, Southlife Car Show, and Lowstyle Expo.

In the fall of 2018, founder Roddy Merritt created Lowstyle Expo to help offer something different for the automotive community. Following the success of the show, Roddy would go on to create and host 2 more shows, The Hangar Hangover and Southlife Car Show. Jake and Heather Carlisle came to Roddy to help host Southlife, and the team of 3 created MPMC.


The Hangar




Mississippi's only Aviation and Automotive Event.


Car Show


The Car Show for everyone! From Import to Exotic, Muscle to Classic, and Lowered to Lifted trucks, theres a place for everyone at Southlife Car Show! So, get in where you fit in.



Mississippi's only Art & Car Expo!!! That backyard hangout, mixed lowbrow art show comes to you at Lowstyle Expo.